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Tick ​​test

Tick ​​test

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Tick ​​test

Ticks are spreading more and more throughout Europe. Many of them carry dangerous pathogens.

The tick test can determine whether a tick that has bitten you contains the TBE virus or the Lyme disease pathogen.

In Germany, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are considered high-risk areas for TBE. Lyme disease can occur throughout Germany.

Pathogens can enter the wound through a tick bite. Co-infections with anaplasma and babesia can also occur.

Since it is not clear whether or which pathogens a tick carries, tick bites should always be taken seriously.

The analysis of the tick that has bitten you will give you clarity as to whether you may have been infected. This risk can be assessed early on and any symptoms can be interpreted more reliably. With this knowledge, you can then consider other suitable treatment options. Diagnostic measures should always be discussed with a doctor or therapist.

You will receive detailed instructions with the test package. Place the tick in the shipping container and send it to our partner laboratory. You will receive the results with the evaluation of your profile after just 3 to 5 days.

This test includes:

  • 1 Instructions for sample collection
  • 1 label with the inscription “TICK Date, Name”
  • transparent sample tube
  • 1 shipping container
  • 1 shipping bag

Test instructions:

  • ​​​​​​Push the tick remover completely under the tick's body.
  • Lift the tick remover to remove the tick.
  • Place the tick in the transport container.
  • Close the container and label it with your name and date.
  • Send the transport container with the tick and the completed sample accompanying form in the shipping bag free of charge.
  • The result will be sent by post within 3-5 days.
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