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Heavy metal urine test basic

Heavy metal urine test basic

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Humans absorb heavy metals into their bodies through food and drinking water.

Some metals such as sodium, calcium, potassium or magnesium are essential for our organism in low concentrations, while other metals can be toxic. The heavy metal urine test has two functions. Firstly, it checks whether there is an excessive load of toxic metals and secondly, it examines whether there is an adequate supply of essential trace elements.

Heavy metal contamination can lead to nausea, vomiting, chronic fatigue, headaches, migraines and difficulty concentrating. It also promotes the occurrence of chronic diseases, hormonal or kidney disorders. The immune and nervous systems can be impaired by the increased intake of heavy metals and damage our organs.

Urine analysis reflects the excretion of metals. To determine your heavy metal levels, take a urine sample quickly and easily at home. Our partner laboratory will check the concentration of metals after sending it in. You will receive the test result within just a few days.

This test includes:

  • Instructions for sample collection
  • 1 urine cup
  • 1 Urine Monovette (urine tube)
  • 1 yellow tip
  • Shipping container for urine monovette
  • blue shipping bag

Test instructions:

  • Avoid consuming large amounts of liquid the evening before and the night of the sample collection.
  • You will need your morning urine. Fill the urine cup about halfway with your midstream urine. Let the rest of the urine go into the toilet.
  • Before you put the tip on the yellow urine tube, please remove the yellow cap.
  • Fill the urine tube with urine by holding the tip in the urine and pulling the plunger backwards.
  • Remove the yellow tip and carefully close the tube with the yellow cap.
  • Break off the pulled out stamp at the predetermined breaking point.
  • Fill out the enclosed label and stick it on the urine tube.
  • Insert the tube into the shipping container.
  • Place the shipping container with the completed sample accompanying form in the blue shipping bag and send it back to our partner laboratory. You will receive the result within a few days.
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