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Heavy metal drinking water analysis

Heavy metal drinking water analysis

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The quality of drinking water in Germany is known to be very good. Regional water suppliers regularly carry out water analyses and supply water of excellent quality. However, the suppliers are only responsible up to the house connection. But the most dangers lurk in the last few meters. Old piping systems and poor quality materials often contaminate the drinking water. Pipes in older buildings can contain copper or even lead. Nickel can be found in taps.

Some metals such as sodium, calcium, potassium or magnesium are essential for our organism, but in higher concentrations they can also have harmful effects.

Other metals are toxic even in low concentrations or can accumulate in the organism.

If a high copper content is detected in drinking water, this can lead to migraines or liver damage. If lead is present in drinking water, anemia or neurological disorders can occur. Zinc and copper affect nutrient metabolism and can weaken the immune system. Nickel can trigger allergies.

The content of heavy metals in your drinking water can also cause growth and development disorders, cancer, damage to organs or the nervous system, and autoimmune diseases.

To avoid damage to health, the concentration of harmful substances should be monitored regularly.

The “heavy metal drinking water analysis” offers the greatest security and certainty about the quality of your drinking water. We follow the Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV), which sets maximum limits and substances that are hazardous to health.

Our analysis checks your drinking water for heavy and light metals. These include aluminum, arsenic, lead, calcium, cadmium, chromium, iron, potassium, copper, magnesium, manganese, sodium, nickel, antimony, zinc and the parameters nitrite, nitrate, phosphorus, sulfate and water hardness.

The analysis package is delivered to you with all the necessary materials. In just a few steps, you can take the sample from your tap. No previous knowledge is necessary. The enclosed instructions will help you with the process. The analysis is then carried out in an accredited and certified laboratory. After just 3-4 working days, you will receive the results by post.

This test includes:

  • Instructions for sampling
  • Instructions for querying results
  • Sample accompanying document
  • Guarantee certificate
  • Sample tubes
  • Shipping bag

Test instructions:

1. Open the sample tube.

2. Turn the faucet all the way to “cold” so that a pencil-thick stream of water flows.

3. To avoid any falsification of the result by possible fitting materials, first let about 1 litre run down the drain.

4. Fill the enclosed sample tube to the brim with cold water.

5. Screw the cap tightly onto the sample tube so that no water can leak out.

6. Now take a barcode label from the sample information sheet and stick it on the sample tube.

7. For shipping, place all sample tubes with the completed sample information form in the enclosed shipping bag. Send these back to our laboratory immediately.

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