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SARS-CoV-2 Test Kit for Egens® PCR Device(Part A,B,C)(48 pc/box)

SARS-CoV-2 Test Kit for Egens® PCR Device(Part A,B,C)(48 pc/box)

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Test kit for Egens PCR device

This test kit is required for use with the “POC Egens” PCR test device. We accept no liability if the tests are used with other devices.

The test kit contains everything you need to successfully conduct a PCR test.

KEWEI SARS-CoV-2 RT PCR (Part A,B,C)(48 pc/box) includes:

-Part A: Enzymes (store: -18°C)

-Part B (store: 2-8°C):

  • 1x RT-PCR reagent
  • 1x positive control
  • 1x negative control

- Part C:

  • 48x sterile, disposable sample swabs
  • 48x Sample Preservation Solution
  • 6x 8 amplification tubes
  • 1x recycling bag
  • 1x User manual

Egens' PCR test is characterized by its unique technology. The virus can be inactivated immediately after the sample collected by swab is placed in the preservation solution at room temperature without RNA degradation.

RNA extraction and purification is no longer necessary, since only the sample already in the preservation tube and the mixture of lysis buffer and PCR buffer need to be added together into the PCR tube.

The test is easy to use with this kit. Time-consuming pipetting is no longer necessary.

The test uses the Triple PLEX PCR amplification technique and internal control to monitor false negative results.

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