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Glyphosate urine test

Glyphosate urine test

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Glyphosate urine test

Glyphosate is the best-selling herbicide in the world. It is mainly used to control weeds in agriculture.

According to studies, glyphosate exposure in humans is alarmingly high. In one study, 79% of participants had exposure above the maximum residue limit for pesticides in groundwater. The results show that a large proportion of the population is contaminated with glyphosate.

The use of glyphosate and the associated residues in food, soil and water should not be underestimated.

The broad-spectrum herbicide glyphosate inhibits the so-called shikimate metabolic pathway in plants, which means that the plants can no longer produce essential amino acids and thus stop growing and die.

Glyphosate can also have a negative impact on humans. It has an antibiotic effect and spreads to the intestinal flora (intestinal microbiome). Sensitivity to glyphosate leads to a decrease in protective bacteria in the intestine (lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, Enterococcus faecalis) and, as a result, to a deteriorated defense against pathogenic germs, especially against clostridia and salmonella.

The intake of glyphosate can therefore lead to a disruption of the intestinal flora, which can cause diseases such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus, inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, colon cancer, calcium oxalate urinary stones, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatoid arthritis or neurological disorders.

The urine analysis reflects the excretion of the broad-spectrum herbicide glyphosate. To determine your glyphosate exposure, take a urine sample quickly and easily at home. Our partner laboratory will check the level after sending it in. You will receive the test result with an overall assessment within just a few days.

This test includes:

  • Instructions for sampling
  • Instructions for querying findings
  • Sample accompanying document
  • Guarantee certificate
  • 1 urine tube (Monovette), including label and yellow syringe
  • 1 urine cup
  • Shipping container
  • Shipping bag

Test instructions:

  • Avoid consuming large amounts of liquid the evening before and the night of the sample collection.
  • You will need your morning urine. Fill the urine cup about halfway with your midstream urine. Let the rest of the urine go into the toilet.
  • Before you put the tip on the yellow urine tube, please remove the yellow cap.
  • Fill the urine tube with urine by holding the tip in the urine and pulling the plunger backwards.
  • Remove the yellow tip and carefully close the tube with the yellow cap.
  • Break off the pulled out stamp at the predetermined breaking point.
  • Fill out the enclosed label and stick it on the urine tube.
  • Insert the tube into the shipping container.
  • Place the shipping container with the completed sample information form in the blue shipping bag and send it back to our partner laboratory. You will receive the result within a few days.
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