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Weight check Viscera stool test

Weight check Viscera stool test

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Intestinal bacteria influence body weight

Numerous studies show that the Firmicutes-Bacteroidetes ratio in stool correlates with a person's body weight. The lower the proportion of Firmicutes or the higher the proportion of Bacteroidetes, the lower the body weight.

Firmicutes bacteria in the intestine convert undigested food into calories, which promotes weight gain. Bacteroidetes bacteria break down undigested food. These can therefore promote underweight.

So there are better and worse food processors.

The stool test determines whether the number of “fattening” bacteria exceeds the number of other intestinal bacteria. In this case, it must be assumed that calorie intake is increased.

The number of bacteria in the stool is determined using a simple stool sample that you can easily take at home. The ratio between the Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes bacteria is analyzed.

After the laboratory analysis, you will receive your report.

The results can be a review of a healthy diet or serve as a starting point for a change in your diet. Depending on the results, please discuss the next steps with your doctor or therapist

This test includes:

  • Instructions for sample collection
  • Instructions for querying findings
  • Sample accompanying document
  • Guarantee certificate
  • Sample container including label in shipping container
  • Chair catcher
  • Shipping bag

Test instructions:

  • Using the collection spoon, take samples from three different locations in your stool.
  • Fill the sample container and close it tightly.
  • Label the container with the name and sample date and attach a barcode label to it.
  • Place the sample in the shipping bag provided and send it to our partner laboratory.
  • You will receive your results report within 3-5 working days.
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