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Intestinal health check

Intestinal health check

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Intestinal health is essential for your well-being.

The human intestine is one of the most important organs and is very complex. Its job is not only to digest food, but also to supply the body with nutrients and keep pathogens away. We can influence the composition of the intestinal bacteria ourselves. The healthier and more balanced our intestinal flora is, the healthier we are.

A disturbed intestinal balance can lead to digestive problems, exhaustion and malaise.

Antibiotic therapy, chronic diseases, an unbalanced diet or stress can cause intestinal health to falter. The intestinal flora is a reflection of your state of health. By analyzing the bacteria, fungi and important antibodies, enzymes and proteins in the intestine, intestinal problems can be identified.

The intestinal health check is a microbiological analysis of aerobic and anaerobic pathogens, molds, yeasts and digestive residues.

Also analyzed: a-1 antitrypsin, calprotectin, bile acids, pancreatic elastase, secretory IgA.

The results report provides you with a comprehensive insight into your intestinal flora. In addition to the test results, you will also receive recommendations for action and nutrition that you can use to optimize the measured values.

The results form the basis for individual therapy. Please consult your doctor or therapist about this.

The test package comes with detailed instructions and you can easily take the sample at home.

Our package includes the following:

  • Chair catcher
  • Sample container including shipping container
  • Shipping bag stamped
  • Test Instructions
  • Guarantee certificate

Test instructions

1. Use the collection spoon from the specimen container to collect samples from three different locations on the stool.
2. Fill the sample container up to the marked filling level (½ tube).
3. Close the container tightly.
4. Label the container with the name and sample date and stick a barcode label from the sample accompanying form onto the container.
5. Place this into the shipping container.
6. Place this together with the completed sample information form in the blue shipping bag. If necessary, keep the sample in the refrigerator until shipping.
7. You will receive the result within 3-4 days by post.

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